Ton Verhiel, musician
saxophonist, composer, historian, teacher

Saxophone and organ:

Ton Verhiel - saxophones

Jo Louppen - organ

copyrights: Loek Genders


Since 1978 I´m playing concerts with churchorgan. It´s one of the most beautiful combinations for saxophone. The saxtube is like an additional register or sound dimension to the organ. For almost 25 years years I´m playing with organist Jo Louppen. We did a lot of original compositions and played first performances in the Netherlands of works by a.o. Jean Bouvard, Timothy Broege, Bernard Krol, Vauquelin le Trouveur and Ludwig Schilling. About ten new pieces were composed for us by composers from our area.

composer Jan Seevens

On march 16th 2003 we have presented a CD on which we have collected a compilation of our best radio per-formances. The CD contains original compositions for saxophone and organ and a Sonata for saxophone-solo by composers from our area.

It is the first time that a collection of works by these composers is published. Because there is not so much interest in a CD of this kind, we have produced a very limited edition. The CD contains compositions by Gerard Sars, Hans Suyckerbuyck, Piet Kingma (+1998), Ton Verhiel and a Crucifixion for alto saxophone and organ by Jan Seevens (+2000).

Compositions for saxophone and organ by Ton Verhiel:

Alto saxophone and organ:

Partita breve                                                               ERES Musikverlag

Meditation                                                                   ERES Musikverlag

Prelude, Cadence et Scherzo                                   Ton Verhiel-ME

Kleine Fantasie über ein religiöses Lied                  Ton Verhiel-ME


Soprano saxophone and organ:

Sonatine                                                                      Ton Verhiel-ME

Prelude fanfaresque                                                  CHILI NOTES

Tenor saxophone and organ:

Kleine Fantasie über ein religiöses Lied                 Ton Verhiel-ME

Fragments                                                                   CHILI NOTES


Compositions for organ by Ton Verhiel:

Trois morceaux brefs (2008)


Circus-muziek (2016)

Improvisation (2018)