Ton Verhiel, musician
saxophonist, composer, historian, teacher

Books on saxophone topics:

Ton Verhiel - ME publishes several books on saxophone topics

De saxofoon

(In Dutch)

Geschiedenis, ontwikkeling en repertoire van een blaasinstrument

3e herziene versie, 2011

ISBN 978-90-811509-1-0


The saxophone in the music of Will Eisenmann

(In English)

Will Eisenmann, a Swiss composer, did use the saxophone frequently in his works. He also wrote a lot of soloworks and chambermusic for the instrument and, what makes his life and work of special interest, he was a life-long personal friend of Sigurd Rascher.

ISBN/EAN 978-90-811509-2-7


The saxophone in the music of Gordon Jacob

(In English)

Gordon Jacob wrote some very interesting works for the saxophone. His Rhapsodie for English horn was also set for alto saxophone and so one of the earlier works for a saxophone and orchestra in the United Kingdom.

2nd version 2019

ISBN/EAN 978-90-811509-0-3


Van Adolphe sax tot het Nederlands saxofoonkwartet.

een beknopte geschiedenis van 120 jaar klassiek saxofoonspel in Nederland 1840-1969

(In Dutch)

This book, in Dutch language, looks for the earliest history of saxophone playing in the Netherlands and will follow its development in the classical field until 1969, the year the Dutch Saxophone Quartet was founded. This ensemble brought a new era for the classical saxophone in the Netherlands.

ISBN/EAN 978-90-811509-4-1


A short story of the C tenor saxophone

(In English)

Adolphe Sax developed two saxophone families. The C/F saxophones are barely known today. Only the C-tenor saxophone or C melody saxophone is gaining popularity again. This little booklet follows the history of this saxophone.

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-811509-5-8


Jean Baptiste Singelée - A portrait

An upcoming project:

Lesser known European Saxophone pioneers

(In English)

Besides Marcel Mule and Sigurd Rascher there were other saxophone performers who gave a contribution to the development of the classical saxophone. This book will threat their playing and activities.