Ton Verhiel, musician
saxophonist, composer, historian, teacher


MAY 27, 1990

The recital with Marcel Hunstinx contained some transcriptions, original compositions for the combination and two works by myself.

We started with a Suite in d Minor by Robert de Visée on soprano saxophone.

The Sonnet by Carl Nosse was found in the collection of Dorn Publications. Composed in 1980 it was dedicated to Patrick Meighan and Bruce Holzman. Allthough not sure, I think this was the European premiere of this nice and charming work.

We did a own transcription of the Duettino Facile by Mauro Giuliani. I not always was a great fan of the classical transcriptions (in contrary to other styles as baroque, romantic and impressionism), but this piece is so clear and transparant in its simplicity, that it is a very good example of the combination saxophone and the classical period.

Alan Hovahness' Suite is just a remarkable composition with its second movement as a solo for saxophone. It was not often performed in the nineties and even less in Europe where no saxophonist did perform with guitar.

The Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin in an own transcription.

Composed in 1984 L'Horloge jazzante by French composer Yvonne Desportes is a extraordinary piece. I do not now for whom it was composed, neither when it was performed the first time.

We also performed my "Introduction and Scherzo" and "Three Folkdances". Here the recording of the Folkdances.