Recording of Partita breve by Alan Harrington en Lotte Enns-Braun

First performance of Circusmusic for organ by Jo Louppen

CD-recording of Circusmusic for organ by jo Louppen


July 30, 2015

Noorbeek, Netherlands: Performance of my Trois morceaux brefs for organ by organist Sjef Streukens


July 20, 2015

Heerlen, Netherlands - Concert with organ: Jo Louppen - organ, Ton Verhiel - soprano- and tenor saxophone

works by Lothar Graap, Bernhard Krol, Rob Peters, Max Bruch and Ton Verhiel


July 19, 2015

Bad Orb, Germany - first performance of Intrada a sei for Brass Quintet and organ PDF

same program - first performance of Deux preludes pour musique de cuivres

Brass Guys and Thomas Wiegelmann, organ


January 2015

Maastricht en Vaals, Netherlands - recording and first performance of Everly Brothers for baritone voice, tenor saxophone and piano

Marcel van Dieren - baritone, Ton Verhiel - tenor saxophone and Robert Weirauch - piano


Maastricht en Vaals, Netherlands - recording and performance of Two Songs on poems by Paul van Ostayen

Rob Meiers - counter tenor and Robert Weirauch - piano


July 2014

Munstergeleen, Netherlands - first performance of Solo for A. for alto saxophone and fanfare-band

Ronneburg, Germany - first performance of Contrasts, a suite for wind band


August 2012

Publication of "The saxophone muzic of Gordon Jacob"


March 2010               

composition of Impromptu, a new work for C Melody saxophone and piano, which is dedicated to Ted Hegvik


April 27, 2010           Landgraaf                   

first performance of Trois Poèmes for soprano (or alto) saxophone solo    Ton Verhiel-saxophone

(including compositions by Georg Philip Telemann, Jan Seevens and Ton Verhiel)


Mai, 26, 2010            Lanaken (Belgium)     

contribution as jury member during saxophone examinations


June 14, 2010            München                    

first performance of A Playful Suite for soprano saxophone and harp       

Hermann Rid - saxophone, Martina Höller -harp


August 28, 2010        Schlierbach (Germany)

Concert with organist Frank Kleespies

works by Kurt Weill, Lothar Graap, Gerard Sars, Jan Koetsier, Helmut Spittler and Ton Verhiel


August 2010           

Publication of "The saxophone in the music of Will Eisenmann"     Ton Verhiel-ME


October 17, 2010    

performing saxophonist in the project "Klinkend Changement" by the Stichting Limburgse Componisten

premiere of Cephise 3 for flute, violin and soprano saxophone


November 2010       

Publication of "The story of the C tenor saxophone', a booklet on the history and use of the Melody Saxophone    Ton Verhiel-ME