D u o   C o n c e r t a n t e

C a r l  o   P l a u m   -   a c c o r d i o n

T o n   V e r h i e l   -   s a x o p h o n e

"The marriage is fantastic"

(from a review in Saxophone Journal)


                                                                                                                The CD by Duo Concertante: "Just for Fun"


The combination saxophone and accordion is not often heard, although it is not that unusual as one would think. There is a significant similarity in producing sounds on both instruments. The saxophone is a wind instrument that produces a sound by making the reed tremble. The accordion does need air to make the metal tongues swing. One could speak of a familiar sound.

The Duo Concertante is playing together since 1995. They performed in the Netherlands, Germany and France. In 2000 they produced their first CD Just for Fun, which was really a success for the Duo.

To give audiences a good idea of the possibilities of this combination we mostly play programs with shorter works in different styles: from baroque to ragtime, from musette to modern and own compositions. We are always looking for original compositions but must often take pieces from the saxophone/piano repertory or arrange works that were originally written for two accordions.



As a composer I wrote several pieces for our duo


S o n a t a   F o l k l o r i q u e                                            

for alto saxophone and accordion

M o m e n t   M u s i c a l                                                

for alto saxophone and accordion

F i v e   f o r   t w o                                                         

for alto saxophone and accordion

P r i r e   p o u r   l ' g l i s e   d e   C h i c h e                          

for alto saxophone and accordion

D i v e r t i m e n t o                                                       

for alto saxophone and accordion