A collection of lesser known music for saxophone and piano and saxophone solo


Suzanne Welters - piano                Ton Verhiel - saxophone




Side A:

Johann Sebastian Bach - Choral from Cantata 147, Jesu, joy of men's desiring (arr: Ton Verhiel) (alto saxophone)

Felix Mendelsohn - Menuet from Sonata for alto and piano (arr: Ton Verhiel) (alto saxophone)

Gabriël Fauré - Sicilienne (arr: Ton Verhiel) (tenor saxophone)

Ton Verhiel - Solo Suite nr. 1*** (soprano saxophone)

Jean Baptiste Singeleé - 4e Solo de Concert*** (tenor saxophone)

Vincent d'Indy - Choral varié op. 55 (version: Ton Verhiel) (premiere recording*)(alto saxophone)

Ton Verhiel - Prelude, Folksong and Dance*** (alto saxophone)

Gerard Sars - Solo 1** (tenor saxophone solo)


Side B:

Robert Planel - Danseuses from Suite Romantique*** (alto saxophone)

Warren Benson - Cantilene (alto saxophone)

Ton Verhiel - Two Songs*** (tenor saxophone)

Margriet Ehlen - Against the Stream*** (alto saxophone solo)

Siegfried Siara - Sonatine à la jazz*** (tenor-saxophone)

Johhnny Hodges - Sax-originals*** (alto saxophone)

Ton Verhiel - Sonatine*** (tenor saxophone)

Henri Mancini - The Pink Panther-theme (arr. Franckenpohl) (tenor saxophone)

* at the time this cassette was produced (1995) no recording of this piece on alto saxophone existed

** composed for Ton Verhiel

***premier recordings






Most of the pieces recorded here are not often heard in a saxophone recital, so

this recording is a real


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